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EKO K3 Bass Pedals - 31.3mbNovember, 2007
The EKO K3 Bass Pedals were made in Italy in the 1970's.

Manytone has sampled these pedals in 24 bit, and faithfully recreated the best sounds from these bass pedals in this sample pack. These samples are available free to ManyBass owners who have registered at

The set includes 2 looped samplesets and 2 one shot style samplesets. The original instrument has 20 notes (foot pedals) and these samplesets capture the sound in high quality, using hand edited samples. When combined with the vintage FX in ManyBass, you have a whole new arsenal of sounds at your disposal. Play the sets in the low note range to add some "DEEP" bass to your tracks.

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(The samplesets will also load into ManyStation, WusikStation, ManyOne and ManyGuitar.)

Growl Pick - 236mbNovember, 2007
This is an expansion soundset for the existing ManyBass instruments. Accompanying the existing "growl" tone soundsets, this soundset provides a new, useful articulation.

This particular articulation and tone combination has an edgy, but clean tone. It is also a very versatile tone, since it will fit in rock and pop, but with some distortion added could prove useful for progressive metal and other heavier forms of music which demand a bass tone which cuts through the mix.

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(The sampleset will also load into ManyStation, WusikStation, ManyOne and ManyGuitar.)

DX7 EPiano - 130mbDecember, 2007
The famous DX7 Electric Piano Sound is captured faithfully in this large soundset. It is considered to be one of the best FM style Piano sounds and has been used on plenty of popular songs since the 1980s.

We have sampled the instrument in 3 velocity layers that best represent the typical velocity response of the original instrument. The piano sampleset contains more than 55 multisamples recorded in 24 bit.

This E Piano SoundSet is going to be part of a larger "FM Classic Synth" sample pack that will be available from ManyTone in the future. It makes a great addition to ManyBass and with all the FX and Synth controls in ManyBass, you can turn the traditional DX7 E Piano sound into hundreds of new E Pianos very easily.

Here are a couple mp3 demos of the piano in action. All other sounds are also from the upcoming "FM-Classic Synth" sample pack, and all of the sounds are played using ManyBass.

Demo 1
Demo 2

Turn your ManyBass into an Ultimate Electric Piano

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(The sampleset will also load into ManyStation, WusikStation, ManyOne and ManyGuitar.)