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On this page you can download a demo version of ManyBass. The limitations of the demo are as follows:

* The demo contains only one of the fifteen samplesets included in the full version of ManyBass. The set included is the Smooth Bass sampleset. The full version contains 2.4+ gig of additional samples that include different articulations (such as slap bass, tap bass, deep bass, etc.). Due to the size of the full product, we had to make a limit on the size of the demo version. We do feel that this will give most users a good idea of what the product is about.

* The demo emits a noise burst every few seconds. To eliminate the noise burst and use ManyBass in a track, you need to purchase a full version.

* The demo contains a limited number of presets based on the one included sampleset. The full version has presets for all of the fifteen included samplesets.

* The demo version samples will not load into any other ManyTone product. They are coded for the demo version only. The full version's samples will load into any ManyTone instrument, or into any WusikSnd-based product.

Download the ManyBass demo version for Windows (103 MB)
Download the ManyBass demo version for Mac (141 MB)