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Adding Extra Sounds to ManyBass

With all the extra addon SoundSets that are available for ManyBass including those here in the "MoreBass" section, we have made this brief guide that will help you to quickly set up your files correctly.

Once you have downloaded the add on SoundSet file you will need to unzip or unrar it ("Winrar", "Winzip" or "7zip," which also opens rar files are options for PC, or "Stuffit" if you are on a Mac). This will create a folder that is named after the soundset package you are installing. You need to take this folder and drop it into the folder on your hard drive where you installed your ManyBass Sounds.

On a PC this folder is called "SoundSets".

On a Mac it is called "MBSoundSet"

If you look in your Soundset folder you will see a folder already there called "ManyBass". The ManyBass folder contains the samples (soundsets) that were included with the original product. The folders of sounds that you add need to sit "beside" this ManyBass folder.

Here is a picture of a typical SoundSet folder after you have installed a few addons:

This will allow you to keep your sounds organized and will allow for ManyBass to properly load any presets that may have been released that refer to the new soundsets.

One thing to note is to be sure that when you unzipped the original file, that it did not create an extra folder. The Soundsets (samples) themselves should only sit 1 folder deep. (ie: the soundsets should be directly in those folders shown in the above picture)

After installing new SoundSets, the next time you fire up ManyBass in your host, click the button on the interface that is labelled "Database". This will rebuild your soundset database and the new sets will then show up in your ManyBass browser window and be usable in ManyBass. You only need to run the database button when you add new sounds. This database allows ManyBass to fire up quicker in your host as it does not need to scan the sounds every time.

(If you do not see the Database button, then you probably have not updated to the latest ManyBass version that adds Disk Streaming. Details on where to get updates have been emailed to all registered users. Email us if you did not receive or lost this info)

Also note that if you have any other WusikEngine SoundSets, like those included with ManyGuitar, ManyStation or WusikStation, that they will also show up in your ManyBass SoundSet Browser, and you will be able to load and play them in ManyBass.

That is all there is to it. So what are you are waiting for???? Go get some of those Free add ons on the "MoreBass" Page, or in the "ManyTone FreeZone" at the ManyTone website.

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