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ManyBass on Multiple Machines.

Can you use ManyBass on more than one computer?

You bet!

Read this tutorial for details.


ManyTone wants you to enjoy your purchase in the way that you feel you should be able to. This includes allowing you to use ManyBass on more than one computer.


We know that some users may need to be able to use ManyBass on more than 1 computer.

For example, some of you may travel and wish to have ManyBass installed on your home/studio computer, and also your laptop for use on the road. Or perhaps some of you will use your studio computer for arranging, and then have laptops and other systems for live performance.

Can you install ManyBass on all these computers?

Yes you can. :-)

The only requirement is, that you are the main user, and that you are there in person (In the room - venue etc.) when ManyBass is being used on a system it is installed on.

This is a unique license in the VST Instrument world. We want you to use it when and how you want, not only on 1 or 2 computers as some softwares allow, but however you want.

As long as it is you using it, use it as you see fit.

If your associates want copies for their personal use then please get them to purchase their own license.

What could be simpler or more fair? :-)









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